JIIT Simplified

      Simplifying your life @ JIIT


Q. What is this site about ?

Ans. This site is all about making your life simple at JIIT. We have actually looked into various problems which most of us are facing and tried to solve them in whatever way we can.
We are also looking into improving our site further , so feel free to contact us.

Q. What is so special in this site ?

Ans. With the concept of Metro UI and hosted on Cloud platform it gives you the best opportunity to extract the maximum out of it. For more information please visit the ‘Welcome’ tab

Q. Is the Study Material up to date ?

Ans. Yes, the Study Material is Hosted on a platform which is updated automatically .

Q. Can I upload tut solutions in the upload centre ?

Ans. Yes, you are free to upload any material which you like to share it with everyone.
But we are NOT responsible for any action taken by any person from JIIT.

Q. What is procedure to upload the files ?

Ans. Go to upload centre. Open the desired directory corresponding to your subject and upload the file. The file size should be less than 5mb and should not be a Video/Audio file.
We have the right to remove any file under any circumstances

Q. How can I contact the admins ?

Ans. You can easily contact us by simply going on the ‘Contact Us’ tab or simply by writing us at ‘[email protected]

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