JIIT Simplified

      Simplifying your life @ JIIT


Tired of asking your friends to mail you the Tutorials or too lazy to go to Annapurna to decide whether to dine out or not ;)
JIIT Simplified. Yes you guessed it right.
We are here to simplify your Life  @ JIIT
Listed below are the candies which our website offers :-


  1. Auto Synchronization of Study Material
    Now you don’t need to worry about updating the files kept in Dropbox. Our service will be up to date each time a file is added on JIIT File Servers
  2. Annapurna Menu
    We keep you updated with the menu so that you can ask your friend for a party  :P
  3. Campus News
    Most of us are not aware of what is going in the campus.
    With the concept of Live Tile by Microsoft we have tried to make it as easy as possible
    Without even clicking on the tab you get the updates

  4. Most of the fresher’s face problems while guessing their SGPA. So here we have a CGPA/SGPA Calculator for all
  5. Need to share Tut Solutions. We have the most convenient way to share them with everyone
    But we are not responsible of your teachers catches you :P

The list will go on as the time will
All we need is your Support and Feedback

You Demand and we deliver

So the Journey has begun….. let’s make it memorable

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